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Hope in the Face of Humanity

I see the face of our dear beloved Madiba, the father of our nation, Nelson Mandela. As South Africans we celebrate the former late President Nelson Mandela’s birthday in July. 18 July has been declared Nelson Mandela International Day. This affords me the opportunity to heed the call to encourage us all to make a difference. As South Africans a call goes out to give 67 minutes of your time to any act of kindness on this day. 

A global movement for positive change begins with small actions. Everyone has the ability and the responsibility to change the world for the better! Mandela Day is an occasion for all to take action and inspire change. As each person acts, they fuel momentum toward positive change, raising awareness and expanding the reach of Mr Mandela’s values – fighting injustice, helping people in need and practicing reconciliation.

“ It is easy to break down and destroy.
The heroes are those who make peace and build.  – Nelson Mandela”

In this world, we as earthlings are all connected

Unfortunate connections, like the pandemic 

Connecting us through suffering

Suffering, adding to our sorrows

Sorrows bringing on more hardship and pain

We have to hold on and keep on hoping

As we also  find our connection in love and peace

Love and peace that can uplift and connect 

Connect us all, to the good of this world

Let us now more than ever connect to hope!

By HensBlooms

I believe in God, love and life! Married to my friend, mentor and rock. We have been blessed with two beautiful girls. My personal journey provides opportunities for me to empower individuals to lead better lives. I have had a real desire to work with people for a long time and have always been fascinated with human behaviour and understanding how the mind works.
I love the following quote by H. Jackson Brown, Jr. “Remember that children, marriages and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get”

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“Let us now more than ever connect to hope!”
Indeed! Mandela Day seems like a beautiful initiative to indulge oneself in kindness and spread hope in the process. Lovely write! Hopw you have a great weekend!💕

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I wasn’t aware that it was Mandela day, thanks for sharing. I like the idea of doing an act of kindness that day. It reminds me of the act of ‘paying it forward’. Someone did something nice for my sister and they asked only in return that she pay it forward. So the next day she bought coffee for the person standing behind her in the cafe queue and told them to pay her back by paying the kind act forward again. Then it will continue like that for a long while.

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Thank you for sharing!!… hopefully today’s technology will help everyone communicate better and better understand each other, their wishes and their dreams… “Heroes are made by the paths they choose, not the powers they are graced with.” (Brodi Ashton)… 🙂

Until we meet again..
May your troubles be less
Your blessings be more
And nothing but happiness
Come through your door
(Irish Saying)

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Beautiful post and just a few days away Nelson Mandela an amazing hero, a giver of love and hope. You are so right my friend changing this world we live in is everyone’s responsibility and starting with a random act of kindness is a great place to start. Sending you love xoxoxo Joni

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