Living Life

Just a Thought

I often wonder about the power of thoughts. Is it just a thought, are thoughts reality? I know that thoughts are not reality, yet it is so easy to allow negative thoughts to creep in and make us see it as reality. I for example at times, allow fearful thoughts to take over, making me believe something that’s not there. On the other hand, I know that even though I allow my thoughts to think of winning the lottery it just doesn’t happen that way!

Our thoughts are exactly that—thoughts. Thoughts are not our reality, and just because we have these thoughts does not mean that they’re true. The American psychologist and philosopher William James said that thoughts become perception, perception becomes reality. Your thoughts alter your reality. The world which we live in, its quality and character is nothing but a reflection of our own minds.

Whilst my thoughts become perception, those perceptions that cloud my mind and allow for thoughts to alter my reality, I should rather ponder about the positive and allow for those thoughts to cloud my mind…💭

Wonderful musing in reflection and thoughts

Clearing a clouded mind into hope and positivity

Prompting gently, washing away all negativity

 Thoughts shining through in wonderful, blissful reality

Living Life

Consistently Changing

With the rains, good maintenance and feeding, the growth in the summer months has been vital. The shrubs and trees have spread a lot of new branches and leaves that will need to be carried through the winter months. We’ve fallen into autumn, and now is the time to do some clearing, pruning, and shaping of the shrubs and trees in my garden.

Just like autumn transitions summer into winter, I too hope for personal change that will make me a better me. Personally, I want to positively advance and develop to make a difference in my immediate surroundings, thus my world. Mahatma Gandhi said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” I take this as an encouragement to implement the right kind of changes in order to make my world a beautiful place. I’m further reminded, if we want to see a change in any environment, we should look at ourselves first. I know that I must work on myself and do the necessary clearing and maintenance to realize positive change. I am quite aware of negative change that can be brought about if we don’t care and don’t maintain, allowing the weeds to take over, allowing things to get contaminated, through regression and rot. This can be likened to accepting negative change and allowing for destruction to settle in.

Sadly, in many instances, people implement change only to destroy. Wouldn’t it be better to embrace change that brings about good for us and society? Let’s embrace change that is for the better. I hope that we’ll adapt to change that will allow us to act out of kindness. Kindness that will have a ripple effect for good, where we all live in love and peace.

Constant change for the better

Ever changing as the season

Like leaves forced, swept away

Hanging on, resisting the change

Change that comes persistently

Change that comes even forcefully

Change we will, ceaselessly