Living Life

Embracing the Season

In a few days’ time it will officially be winter here, in the Southern Hemisphere. South Africa’s winter is generally pleasant sunny weather with cloudless blue skies, disrupted now and then by a few days of cold fronts. We are amid one of these cold fronts and it is unpleasantly cold. I’m quite aware that winter blues can kick in so easily.

Looking over my garden, I witnessed leaves falling and plants wither as we enter a cold and dry season. Winter is coming on strong and I’m reminding myself that it’s not a reason to hang up the gardening tools. Now is the time to help the garden survive and thrive during this time, plenty sun, good soil and water as needed. I need to take care of the garden but just as important, it is also a time to take care of my health. Taking care of my health will help to keep my body and my mind in the best shape possible. Changing to a positive mind and embracing the season can be the antidote for fatigue and sadness that often occurs during the winter season.

I’m also reminding myself that winter is important to us and that I should embrace the season. The cold is necessary and a warm winter can wreak havoc on agriculture.

Despite the gloom we’ve been told about winter, cold weather may actually be really good for your health. Cold weather can reduce inflammation and pain. This is a good reason to keep exercising in winter, as this may result in less inflammation and soreness than in the summer.

Winter after autumn foreshadow spring

The perfect season to snuggle up and get cosy  

A time to enjoy healthy fruits and vegetables

Many a tree survive by losing its leaves

Nearly all plants go dormant as its time to rest

Some animals enter a deep sleep called hibernation

All in the name of winter, so let’s embrace!

Winter reminds me of change, and that change is inevitable, normal, and yet also necessary.

A little nudge to myself to embrace the season, embrace the change, and to accept that I can’t keep everything under control. As terrifying as this thought is, it’s also very liberating. I know that I have to embrace change, as its key to my growth and greatly affects my overall success and happiness.

Living Life

Dichotomies of Life

Holding onto right or wrong as no middle can be chosen

Dichotomous thinking, black and white, best and worst

Life experiences bringing on fight or flight

Irrational thinking, leading to war forgetting about peace

Hope forever blighted, feeling defeated

Seeing things, as either perfect or failure

Feeling bitter, disappointed and frustrated

Finding it hard to sustain life at those extremes

Time to choose the opposite of dichotomy

Reframing so needed, stop jumping to extremes

Embrace a new outlook by accepting, agreement and harmony