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Breath, Live and Love

Most living things need oxygen to survive, humans get the oxygen they need by breathing through their nose and mouth into their lungs. There are different kinds of breathing that require a slightly different process to allow inspiration and expiration.

Many people use their breathing to help promote relaxation and reduce stress. Yoga breathing involves rhythmic pattern to help focus the mind inward, whilst Pilates focuses the breath outward to the physical body. Breathing is also important in singing and I’m reminded of the hymn “Breathe on me, breath of God” words written by Edwin Hatch, and hymn composed by Robert Jackson. This hymn has been placed in hundreds of hymnals, the tune is almost like breathing itself and very uplifting too. 

1.  Breathe on me, Breath of God, fill me with life anew, that I may love the way you love, and do what you would do.

2 Breathe on me, Breath of God, until my heart is pure, until my will is one with yours, to do and to endure.

3 Breathe on me, Breath of God, so shall I never die, but live with you the perfect life for all eternity.

There are clearly different techniques of breathing and also different ways to purposefully live our lives. Fortunately, we have the power to deliberately change our own breathing and the way we choose to live.

As we become conscious of our breathing and how important it is to breath, so I wish that we become conscious in living, caring, and loving one another too.

By HensBlooms

I believe in God, love and life! Married to my friend, mentor and rock. We have been blessed with two beautiful girls. My personal journey provides opportunities for me to empower individuals to lead better lives. I have had a real desire to work with people for a long time and have always been fascinated with human behaviour and understanding how the mind works.
I love the following quote by H. Jackson Brown, Jr. “Remember that children, marriages and flower gardens reflect the kind of care they get”

5 replies on “Breath, Live and Love”

Thank you for sharing wonderful photos and words!!.. serves as a inspiration for many who wish to breath better in heart and mind… 🙂

Hope all is well in your part of the universe, your path is paved with peace and love and until we meet again…
May flowers always line your path
and sunshine light your way,
May songbirds serenade your
every step along the way,
May a rainbow run beside you
in a sky that’s always blue,
And may happiness fill your heart
each day your whole life through.
(Irish Saying)


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