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Nothing Comes from Nothing

“Ex nihilo nihil fit” or “Nothing Comes from Nothing” is a famous quote by the Presocratic philosopher Parmenides. Even though in life things happen out of doing something, does one dare to dream to do nothing?

I also thought of the lyrics Maria (Julie Andrews) sings in the Sound of Music “Nothing comes from nothing. Nothing ever could. So somewhere in my youth or childhood. I must have done something good.”

I yearn for the day to do absolutely nothing

I suddenly find that minute of nothing

And don’t like the feeling at all

The feeling of nothing is not great at all

Especially not when you waiting in anticipation

Waiting for news for so many things

You tell yourself it’s fine

To appreciate life, life in itself

 Even in the moments of nothing

In the moments of nothing, you still breath

In the moments of nothing, you are alive

You are alive with possibilities!

Cheerio Gardens

Living Life

If I knew what tomorrow holds

I started blogging during the pandemic and felt the relief of being able to do so, especially in a time when my thoughts where racing in so many directions. It helped me to keep up with the acceleration of my thoughts. Writing here is very therapeutic and somehow brought calmness to my world. It’s also a platform that allows me to share and wonder about many things, like what will tomorrow hold. Everything seemed like we’re stuck in the now, yet more than a year later we are still living in the pandemic world.

If I knew what tomorrow holds

Will I hold onto the past, to yesterday?

If I knew what tomorrow holds

Will it best to forget about yesterday?

If I knew what tomorrow holds

Will I worry as much as I do now?

If I knew what tomorrow holds

Will I live in the moment, live for right now?

If  I knew what tomorrow holds

Will I care like I care today?

If I knew what tomorrow holds

Will I love like I love today?

If  I knew what tomorrow holds

Will tomorrow be what I wished for?

If I knew what tomorrow holds

What will my tomorrow be?

“Tomorrow, today will be yesterday, and tomorrow will be today. By the nature of time when tomorrow will shift to become today, we demystify the notion that we are powerless in the face of the future, as the future will become the present moment naturally. On the basis that tomorrow will also eventually become yesterday, we can fundamentally note that time converges through yesterday, today, and tomorrow to where the essence of our very existence converges in the present moment.”― Forrest Curran

Living Life

Just Give a Little Love

Give a little  love

So that you can feel the joy

The joy of living!

Give a little  love

So that you can practice thankfulness

And appreciation for life!

Give a little  love

So that you can encounter kindness

A life of love and kindness is never wasted!

Give a little  love

So that you can feel blessed

To live a life with blessings in abundance!

Whilst writing this poem I thought of the lyrics “What the World Needs Now Is Love” and I was also humming along  to this catchy song. Lyrics by Hal David, sung by Jackie DeShannon and by Dionne Warwick

“What the world needs now is love, sweet love
It’s the only thing that there’s just too little of
What the world needs now is love, sweet love
No not just for some, but for everyone”

May you all find yourself surrounded by love and experience the joy of giving in return.

Living Life

Somewhere In The World

Somewhere in the world there’s a person just like you. Perhaps you think about appearances, I’m however thinking of life experiences that have moulded them to you. Perhaps it’s not just one but many that can say, “that’s me, I have experienced that!” What you are going through right now, someone else experienced it before or perhaps are facing these experiences simultaneously to you.

Somewhere in the world there’s a person just like you, overcoming obstacles and fighting battles too. Facing life’s up and downs and wishing for the ‘ups’ when faced with mostly ‘downs.’  I wish that when we face the downs we find that we surrounded by hope that allows us to hang on and survive.

Somewhere in the world there’s a person just like you. I want you to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE and there is help and support.

I want to leave you with a few lines from a BTS song “Not Today”

“If you can’t fly, then run.
Today we will survive.
If you can’t run, then walk.
Today we will survive.
If you can’t walk, then crawl.”

Living Life

If I Planted a Garden…

I read an article where reference was made to the pandemic as plague daze!  A plague is describe as a contagious bacterial disease, an epidemic disease causing a high rate of mortality. The word daze means, unable to think clearly or act normally due to injury, shock, bewilderment, fatigue, etc. Albert Camus writes: ‘Pestilence is so common, there have been as many plagues in the world as there have been wars, yet plagues and wars always find people equally unprepared. Have you been caught unprepared with the outbreak of this virus?

Living Life

Life is a Journey

Life is a journey, isn’t it? Some of us have chosen the road less travelled, others are approaching life like they plunging into oncoming traffic! We desire to live opulently, some may already live this way. For many it’s a longing that seems out of reach and it might feel as if there’s an influx of travellers blocking their way. Along life’s path there’s also interruptions as obstacles are placed along the way, some expected and so many unexpected.

Living Life

What Next?

BTS Quote J-Hope 

“Even when this rain stops, when clouds go away, I stand here, just the same.”

A year ago it would have been unimaginable, our world we found ourselves in. We were forced to face a number of challenges. So if you are reflecting on the year that was or contemplating the year to come, how do you approach the “what next?” For me, the “what next” is to live life and hopefully follow the “mantra” of my blogs “Finding Inspiration in the Gifts of Life” I know that it is a crucial year to rebuild and that I have to continue finding the inspiration to do just that. I find myself uplifted in the good that others do and it’s so much easier to also follow and contribute to the positivity of life in general.

Living Life

Reasons to be Hopeful

I just started reading, one of my Christmas gifts, “The Book of Joy” by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu with Douglas Abrams. I am extremely thankful that I can read, have the privilege to write here, that I can experience many more fulfilling,  uplifting moments of life and that I can continue to live and to hope. I would like to share the following from this book: “The ultimate source of happiness is within” Dalai Lama. “We grow in kindness when our kindness is tested” Desmond Tutu.

Living Life

WHO Can Stop You?

First detected in Wuhan, China

You affect the entire world

With your rapid virulent spread

WHO says that you will

Create havoc in society

And suggest new protocols like social distancing

And continue to plead that you can be avoided

Through applying old hygiene practices

Like washing your hands

There is no cure for you

But there may be a vaccine

To wipe you out

In the meantime you’re destructive

And you destroy by taking

You take man’s life, his health

Even his mental state

You affect economies

And further take man’s livelihood

You take, you take and you take…

Living Life

New Year’s Resolution

New Year’s resolution? According to Wikipedia a New Year’s resolution is a tradition, most common in the Western Hemisphere but also found in the Eastern Hemisphere, in which a person resolves to continue good practices, change an undesired trait or behaviour, to accomplish a personal goal, or otherwise improve their life.

I don’t have or don’t specifically do New Year’s resolutions. I do however have plans that I put into place at any time of the year as often as required. I also find myself working at or striving to be better in everything I do. For me it is always good to do introspection and it’s always a time to reflect on the good and the bad. I know I come short and that I can always show more kindness and compassion towards others. I continuously try to aspire to do so and even show more kindness and compassion towards myself in order to continue to be able to give to others. Always try to celebrate successes and just live life in general.

My wish for all is that you may accomplish the goals you set for yourself and that you may keep striving to live life to the fullest. Further, I would like to wish everyone a prosperous New Year!  May we all find ourselves in a world  that overflows with good health, kindness, love and blessings.