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Every Little Bit Counts

Every little bit counts

Earlier on today I did some writing in my journal and was mindful that it should be the last of capturing the date with 2021. I know though, that I will most probably during 2022 make the mistake of writing 2021 because of habit, until realisation hits and the mind accepts that it’s 2022. We often do things unintentionally but every time we try correcting, the little bit of trying becomes the new habit. My mind ponders as to how every little bit counts. If we want to love ourselves, we should just start even if not at the potential that we should. To take care of our health and live a healthier lifestyle can only be possible if we put it into practice. We can only help others when we take care of ourselves first. I have these thoughts for myself (little nuggets of encouragement) to continually try to do what’s best as I approach and enter the new year. I must start or continue to do as every little bit of good can lead to a whole lot of good and I suppose the opposite is also true.

As you enter the new and say goodbye to the old

Do good and love yourself, even if it’s just a little bit

As you take care of yourself and your health,

Do so, even if it’s a little bit for now

As you love, love unconditionally,

Do love, even if it’s just a little bit at a time

As you care and reach out to others,

Do so, as every little bit counts

May every little bit of effort become a whole lot of good, Happy New Year!

Living Life

Our Christmas Angel

Advent reminds Christians of the sacred meaning of Christmas and despite the nonspiritual preparations taking place, e.g. buying presents and going to parties, Advent  also reminds Christians to remember and prepare for the birth of Jesus. As a Christian, I too, am reminded of this. I’m also reminded of the birth of our eldest daughter, our “Christmas Angel”.

We were married for almost 2 years when we planned to become pregnant. As we did not let anyone know about our plan, we were surprised when our Priest, during a visit, prayed for us as a couple and the little one, we are about to have. We were even more surprised when the Priest could not recall that he prayed for a little one during prayers. We then happily shared that we are planning to conceive. Imagine our surprise when she arrived two weeks earlier than expected and was born on Christmas day. A lasting memory of our “Christmas Angel’s” birth was listening to the nurses joyfully singing Christmas carols whilst wheeling me into the ward in the early hours of that Christmas morning.

Living Life

Sheer Grit and Determination

When my younger daughter was 5 years old, she asked if she could join a ballet class. I enrolled her at one of the nearby schools and thought it’s just a phase as many of us wanted to be ballerinas at this age. She however continued to show determination and so much love for ballet.

With her very first lesson in ballet, her teacher said, “she’s a keeper and very talented too.” I must admit I was sceptical of the teacher’s praise, thinking how’s it possible to recognize talent at a first glance.  She continued her ballet classes and did some ballet show’s bringing myself and others to tears with her beautiful renditions of her ballet performances.

Living Life

Keep Moving Forward

Keep Moving Forward.

I wrote the following in a blog I posted on the 13 November 2020, The Mind and Possibilities: An open mind produces positivity and generates plans with so many possibilities!” It came from a place wanting to plan, wanting to put things into reality. Or perhaps forcing my mind to accept things that wasn’t happening but motivating myself not to give up and to keep on remaining positive. Keep moving forward.

I perceive my writings to be about life positivity. I however must admit by the time I express my thoughts on this platform, I have gone through many negative thoughts. Sometimes it feels like I’ve eventually got to think and talk about what I want and how to get it. This I believe makes me feel happier and in control of my life.

Living Life

Storms of Life

I’m watching the drizzles becoming bigger drops and wonder if I’ll be able to go out for my morning walk. I can almost feel my garden smiling as the rain gently meet the soil. I cannot help but rejoice, knowing that the rain brings much relief to many of us. I welcome the rain and was quite satisfied even though it impacted my morning walk. I noticed the weather changing significantly, the quick disruption in the rain turning into a massive storm. There was a deluge of rain pouring from the sky. I know this can dampen many a spirit but feel comforted that rainstorms help sustain life on earth by bringing much needed water. I know that people might be caught in this storm and hope it remains a restorative shower and not a downpour that causes floods and landslides.

I’m reminded how we can usually handle the mild frustrations and problems that surface on easy days, but trials can bring us to the brink. In the storms that wreck life, what’s really valuable becomes completely transparent and unclouded. Some of us might be able to survive the storm as we accept the shelter in our metaphorical boat. Others might feel optimistic, or feel left behind, and or trapped in the storm.

Life is not always smooth sailing. My wish for all is that we can keep afloat no matter the storms we encounter! I thought of some quotes that you can ponder over and perhaps take with you along your way:

“I am not afraid of storms for I am learning how to sail my ship.”  Louisa May Alcott

“Do what you can, with what you’ve got, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt

“Most of us live our lives by accident – we live as it happens. Fulfilment comes when we live our lives on purpose.” – Simon Sinek

Living Life

Coincidence or Fate?

I’m going to relate a few happenings and you as the reader can decide whether it is a coincidence or fate.

A young man 20 years of age or perhaps younger met an older man at a party and they started hanging out and sharing a drink or two together. In the conversation the younger man asked the older man if he had daughters. The older man then told him, “In fact, I have two daughters.” The younger man’s response was, “I hope you don’t mind if I marry one of them.” The young man received a chuckle from the older man and agreed to this thought spoken out loud and presented in jest. A few years later the older man and his family moved into the same area where the younger man lived with the drunken conversation long forgotten, especially by the older man.

The daughters of the older man were travelling on a bus together when one of his daughters noticed a young man on the bus that she admired. She then pointed out to her sister that in their circle of acquaintances in their new neighbourhood she’ll take him, and that her sister can have the other good looking one that they have just met in their new neighbourhood.

One of the sisters got married many years later to the man she pointed out on that bus that day. Her sister married the young man that was pointed out to her in conversation on the bus that day. It also happens to be the young man that was with the elderly man at the party that day relating in jest how he will marry one of his daughters one day.

Was this meant to be? Today, the one sister is married for 18 years and the other for 25 years.

Do you think that the above happenings are coincidence or fate? Both coincidence and fate are two things that cannot be controlled by humans. The key difference between coincidence and fate is that coincidence is accidental and unplanned whereas fate is considered to be predetermined or planned (by a divine power).

On this day 25 years ago, we saw rain in the clouds, the sun in the sky and the rainbow of hope bringing blessings, happiness and love. Happy 25th anniversary my love.

Living Life

Grateful For the Shade

Grateful thoughts can be likened to the shade on a blistering hot day

The thought ‘grateful for the shade’ comes to mind as we’ve been experiencing such harsh and burning times! When I find myself wanting to groan and moan, I remind myself to be happy for the shade, the so much needed shade. I hark back to that feeling of finding the relief and embracing the shade after exposure to the scorching sun. I often find it easier to complain, especially on days when we have a copious number of things to do. I try to imagine the day when we cannot do and ponder if I would still complain. I want to be grateful for the shade and embrace a world filled with appreciation, contentment, and thankfulness.

When you hot and bothered,  

 life burning and scorching with problems

I hope you can find relief and embrace the shade

When you feel troubled and facing difficulty,

You also overwhelmed and facing sweltering issues

I hope you can find comfort and relief in the shade of a tree

“Gratefulness will enhance your life as you learn to appreciate the love, beauty and wonder in your world” 

Living Life

Smile and the Whole World Smile With You

I’m exhausted because of the busyness I have been experiencing these past few days and perhaps even weeks, months and over the past year. I am however so thankful for it all and this just brings a huge smile to my face. I’m a day late writing here, but it feels so great being able to express myself and I’m sure many a one can relate. 

I smile as I hear the gentle sound of the rain,

Bringing calm to my inner self and mental state

I smile when I smell the earthy scent,

Produced by the rain as it touches the dry soil,

I smile because of the gentle reminders,

Reminding us that the soil is earth’s fragile skin

I smile because rain brings along hope,

The hope for new life, new growth,

I smile as we embark upon spring

I smile as the earth seems to come to life again

I hear the happy sound of children,

Experiencing freedom after indoors for a very long time

I smile, knowing happiness is contagious, and the only

Outbreak will be more laughter and happy screams.

I smile as I welcome the contentment of family and friends 

The ripple effect is happiness, peace, and more smiles

I smile as I’m inspired to reach out in love

Love that will bring hope and smiles to the world.

And of course, I’m humming along to When You’re Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You) – Louis Armstrong

What are you smiling about 🙂

Living Life

Life can be Cold, Bleak and Beautiful

Our well-being is important and yes, it should be! We do things daily to take care of ourselves. Some of us take care of our natural body by eating well and perhaps exercising too. We do various things for our health, our body, our mind, and our personal well-being. Thinking of well-being, our brain affects our thinking, our mood and how we feel. How are we doing in this time, are we anxious or perhaps feeling bleak and depressed?

Ever heard about the vagus nerve? The brain and the brain stem is where the vagus nerve begins its route. Within the brain, this nerve controls anxiety and depression. Studies show that it could be responsible for providing the gut instinct that could be fear or stimulating anxiety that makes you feel sick to your stomach in certain situations. This causes some form of communication with the brain that is carried back and alerts one to dangers that may be occurring.

Living Life

My Heart Overflows

My heart overflows with joy

Longing for this feeling to be unending

Satisfied, contented, and so pleased

Fearing that fatigue could ambush

I’m preparing to swap it with zeal

Forcing my heart to beat faster and stronger

I hold on to happiness and wish for no pain

Knowing that sorrow is a reality

I pray for comfort to overshadow

Cheering for calmness, peace, and harmony

I hope that love will drown out anger and hostility

Imagine this world filled with no hate, but kindness

Can you imagine?

Let our hearts be filled with love, leaving no place for hatred.  HensBlooms