Living Life

Our Christmas Angel

Advent reminds Christians of the sacred meaning of Christmas and despite the nonspiritual preparations taking place, e.g. buying presents and going to parties, Advent  also reminds Christians to remember and prepare for the birth of Jesus. As a Christian, I too, am reminded of this. I’m also reminded of the birth of our eldest daughter, our “Christmas Angel”.

We were married for almost 2 years when we planned to become pregnant. As we did not let anyone know about our plan, we were surprised when our Priest, during a visit, prayed for us as a couple and the little one, we are about to have. We were even more surprised when the Priest could not recall that he prayed for a little one during prayers. We then happily shared that we are planning to conceive. Imagine our surprise when she arrived two weeks earlier than expected and was born on Christmas day. A lasting memory of our “Christmas Angel’s” birth was listening to the nurses joyfully singing Christmas carols whilst wheeling me into the ward in the early hours of that Christmas morning.