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Marching into Autumn

Here in the Southern Hemisphere, marching into autumn reminds me how march (much) I love autumn😊 Yes, you right if you guessed that it’s the beginning of autumn here in the month of March. Autumn (Fall) is usually warm and dry with days getting shorter and the temperature cooling as it gets nearer to winter. Autumn in South Africa parades in light showers that are generally accompanied by heavy clouds. During autumn, the country experiences sunshine during the day and moderate rainfalls. The nights during autumn are usually cold.

During the day I cannot help but enjoy the warm sunshine that helps to embrace the usually cold night. The spectacular, red, yellow, and brown colours are more reasons to embrace the season. I know my yard will be filled with leaves especially from the old oak tree, but that’s the beauty of autumn for me. The leaves can be quite a mess, as many would point this out, but I choose to appreciate the mess and the beauty of it all.