Living Life

Grateful For the Shade

Grateful thoughts can be likened to the shade on a blistering hot day

The thought ‘grateful for the shade’ comes to mind as we’ve been experiencing such harsh and burning times! When I find myself wanting to groan and moan, I remind myself to be happy for the shade, the so much needed shade. I hark back to that feeling of finding the relief and embracing the shade after exposure to the scorching sun. I often find it easier to complain, especially on days when we have a copious number of things to do. I try to imagine the day when we cannot do and ponder if I would still complain. I want to be grateful for the shade and embrace a world filled with appreciation, contentment, and thankfulness.

When you hot and bothered,  

 life burning and scorching with problems

I hope you can find relief and embrace the shade

When you feel troubled and facing difficulty,

You also overwhelmed and facing sweltering issues

I hope you can find comfort and relief in the shade of a tree

“Gratefulness will enhance your life as you learn to appreciate the love, beauty and wonder in your world” 

Living Life

Blessed, Peaceful and Content

The global pandemic has caused mass trauma and rapidly transformed every aspect of our lives. This also led to many of us showing anxiety and fear because of the negative impacts stirring through all facet of society. The symptoms of trauma can manifest itself differently in individuals and will most probably continue to emerge long after the pandemic is under control. Whilst we are all experiencing the trauma and stress at certain periods, our levels of stress and reaction to the trauma also varies. Some people are wired to be more anxious and others to be more laissez-faire. Several people might also have difficulty accepting or understanding the change that has taken place.