Living Life

Nothing Comes from Nothing

“Ex nihilo nihil fit” or “Nothing Comes from Nothing” is a famous quote by the Presocratic philosopher Parmenides. Even though in life things happen out of doing something, does one dare to dream to do nothing?

I also thought of the lyrics Maria (Julie Andrews) sings in the Sound of Music “Nothing comes from nothing. Nothing ever could. So somewhere in my youth or childhood. I must have done something good.”

I yearn for the day to do absolutely nothing

I suddenly find that minute of nothing

And don’t like the feeling at all

The feeling of nothing is not great at all

Especially not when you waiting in anticipation

Waiting for news for so many things

You tell yourself it’s fine

To appreciate life, life in itself

 Even in the moments of nothing

In the moments of nothing, you still breath

In the moments of nothing, you are alive

You are alive with possibilities!

Cheerio Gardens

Living Life

The Mind and Possibilities

After much introspection I have realised that during this time I allowed the pandemic to take control of my life. The entire world has been in the grips of this pandemic causing panic to set in as we as humans were trying to make sense of something way out of our control. For most of us this pandemic was unimaginable. I find myself saying numerous times “not even in my wildest dreams could I imagine such a dreadful thing.”