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The Joys of Christmas

Cape Town South Africa

I find myself in the Southern Hemisphere, celebrating Christmas in sunny South Africa.

South Africa is a diverse country with a “Rainbow” Nation and a climate that varies from region to region. Usually, the summer lasts from about December to March. In areas like Cape Town and the Western Cape, you experience dry and sunny days and tropical thunderstorms are expected throughout the rest of the country. With fuller waterholes, lush vegetation, and blooming flowers, we have many reasons to appreciate, enjoy and celebrate life.

We gather first for church service

Dressed in new clothes and feeling our best

Everything seems brighter and bigger too

The air is filled with excitement and expectancy

Knowing that presents are left under the huge Christmas tree

We’re dozens of cousins having a ball of a time playing outside

Enjoying watermelon on the hot sunny Christmas day

Having more fun sliding on the watermelon peels

Nothing forbidden, it is Christmas day after all

The joys of Christmas as a child

We gather for church services

Glowing sunshine beautiful blooming flowers everywhere

Classic traditions like Christmas trees, pudding, and markets too

Celebrating from candlelight carols to Christmas lunch or dinner

Enjoying the company of friends and loved ones

That brings much joy and adding to the Christmas cheer

The joys of Christmas…

No matter what part of the world you find yourself in, wishing you much joy over the festive time, Merry Christmas to all in the world! Christmas blessings to you all.

I’m taking a much-needed break and hope to see you all next year.