Inspiring Life Experience

If I knew what tomorrow holds

I started blogging during the pandemic and felt the relief of being able to do so, especially in a time when my thoughts where racing in so many directions. It helped me to keep up with the acceleration of my thoughts. Writing here is very therapeutic and somehow brought calmness to my world. It’s also […]

Just Give a Little Love

Give a little  love So that you can feel the joy The joy of living! Give a little  love So that you can practice thankfulness And appreciation for life! Give a little  love So that you can encounter kindness A life of love and kindness is never wasted! Give a little  love So that you […]

Somewhere In The World

Somewhere in the world there’s a person just like you. Perhaps you think about appearances, I’m however thinking of life experiences that have moulded them to you. Perhaps it’s not just one but many that can say, “that’s me, I have experienced that!” What you are going through right now, someone else experienced it before […]

If I Planted a Garden…

I read an article where reference was made to the pandemic as plague daze!  A plague is describe as a contagious bacterial disease, an epidemic disease causing a high rate of mortality. The word daze means, unable to think clearly or act normally due to injury, shock, bewilderment, fatigue, etc. Albert Camus writes: ‘Pestilence is […]


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About Me

I believe in God, love and life! Married to my friend, mentor and rock. We have been blessed with two beautiful girls. My personal journey provides opportunities for me to empower individuals to lead better lives. I have had a real desire to work with people for a long time and have always been fascinated with human behaviour and understanding how the mind works.

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