Living Life


In memory of Desmond Tutu – “It is through weakness and vulnerability that most of us learn empathy and compassion and discover our soul.” – Desmond Tutu

Looking back, I realise that my CV showed no record of what I did for the past year and a half during the pandemic as we lived under very strict lockdown rules. This was certainly not because of no activities on my side, even though there was no income. I’m currently working on contract, and I’m reminded that I should update my CV with all the activities during the pandemic. Most of my time was taken up with cleaning and disinfecting of almost everything. I also volunteered as a Counsellor at a non-profit organisation, and further kept busy posting on Instagram and posting blogs.

I had lost an income but gained so much through these unpaid activities. The cleaning and disinfecting part was no fun but did help in keeping my sanity. I lost my business and income and learned humility. Eating humble pie and realising at the same time how fortunate I am, helped me to see the world from different perspectives. I learned from others, how they dealt with life and many uplifting stories was shared generously. My work as a Volunteer Counsellor brought about tremendous fulfilment in helping others.

Feelings of desolation when the entire world hurts

Grieving for what once was and are no more

Feelings of optimism especially in difficult times

Knowing that you’ve lost much yet gained more

Feelings of happiness as life continues

Caring and reaching out to others, brings

Feelings of happiness and love that’s unassumed

Living Life

Joyous, Unexpected Moments

I often find myself running into a store to buy that much needed item and end up buying more than just that item. Today was one of those days but the big difference was that I went outside to my vegetable verge garden instead of a store. I went outside to pick some lettuce from my vegetable verge garden to make a salad to add to our supper. To my surprise I ended up with the lettuce plus a pumpkin, tomatoes, and some beetroot as well. I hope that others will also be surprised by what they can get from the garden which was primarily set up as food to share for anyone who needs.

“When you are an optimist, life has a funny way of looking after you.” – Simon Sinek

How stunning when life can hand you many happy surprises, or just amazing when your storms of life turn into showers of blessing. 

Here’s to wishing you joy,

Joyous moments filled with life’s pleasures,

Happiness to last a lifetime

A lifetime of happiness and blessings.